Country Food Trust

Guild member Tim Maddams writes: ‘I am involved with the Country Food Trust and we are, amongst other things, asking chefs and food writers to submit recipes for our partner charity kitchens. The idea is to inspire with simple recipes the cooks in these erstwhile places to cook with the game meat that we are donating via cash donations made to the CFT from various parties. We have a glut of pheasant and partridge as the shooting season gets into full swing and – long story short – we are aiming to use as much of this glut as possible to help feed people in need. It would be great to engage any possible encouragement from the broad church of food writers that the GFW represents on this project – who knows where it could lead. ‘We have had some well-known food writers donate recipes for our digital resource and James Murphy has been donating his time and that of his team to shoot the recipes for us so we have great images to accompany the recipes.’ If you are interested in contributing to the project or following its progress, visit