Isabel Hood – A Career Update

Guild member Isabel Hood graduated last month from the College of Naturopathic Medicine as a nutritional therapist. She has now launched herself as The Natural = Anti-Ageing Chef, with a particular interest in anti-ageing and brain health.

Isabel says: ‘This is an area which has truly fascinated me, because I firmly believe that although growing older may be inevitable, many aspects of ageing which are considered normal and predestined are in fact negotiable. But I am also covering critical areas such as digestive health and detoxification, menopause and pre-conception and pre/post-natal support, along with beautiful skin and nutrition for dynamic health and vitality. And since plant-based cuisine is acquiring extraordinary momentum in the 21st century, I am adding it to my arsenal – I like to think of it as ‘plant-powered’. I have developed a number of nutritional programmes which use the immense force of natural food to support healing and recovery and are designed to set clients back on the road to optimal wellbeing.’

Isabel invites you to visit her fledgling website – – and would be delighted if members would support her on Facebook and Twitter.