Bee Farrell Illustrations

I seem to have inadvertently cultivated a portfolio of interests, one of which is illustration. I could simply carry on making these for friends and family as I pursue other writing and research work, but I thought I would ask members if they would like to use existing illustrations or commission original ones.

Trained way back in the 80s at Chelsea School of Art I am now a public food anthropologist and researcher, which in reality means that I take part in the sharing of stories surrounding food. My anthropology of food masters’ dissertation was on the craft of bakers and I used my pencil illustrations to communicate the individual look of loaves. This then led onto a funded community project making a printed bread trail map alongside lots of community bread drawing sessions! Then my range extended into paper and photo collages, watercolours and murals. Here are some examples.

If you would like to use an existing illustration send me an email ( and we can come to a mutually happy agreement regarding money and their usage. If you have a publisher and would like to discuss royalties instead of payment, that’s good too. I am pretty open to ideas.