British Library Food Season

The British Library will launch its ‘Food Season’ on Tuesday 2 April, with a series of lectures and panel discussions, to spread over the course of two months. Many Guild members are featured in the line-up of notable speakers, including Carla Capalbo, Felicity Cloake, Sybil Kapoor, Nigella Lawson, Jenny Linford, Yotam Ottolenghi, Niki Segnit, Sumayya Usmani, Bee Wilson. Tickets are on sale and some events have already sold out.


The Season will culminate in a two-day course on the History of Cookery Books on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May. The course will be led by renowned food author Jill Norman who is not only a member of the Guild but also a recipient of the Guild’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.


As the British Library's website tells us, the ‘second Food Season of events [is] inspired by the Library’s extensive food-related collections.’ The events will provide opportunities to ‘learn how writers capture the sensuality of food in fiction, explore the latest innovations in food, trace the evolution of kitchen design, and much more across two months of talks, tastings and workshops.’


Many Guild members active on our Facebook Forum have already expressed their intention of attending one or more of these exciting events, and plans are underway for members to meet in advance of some of these talks, for the pleasure of meeting one another in real life, alongside our enjoyable discussions on the Forum itself. Come along to the Forum dialogue to make your voice and plans heard!


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