Fellowship Fund Call for Applications

Guild members have until Wednesday 31 July to apply for bursaries from the Guild’s Fellowship Fund to help with research projects that they would otherwise be unable to afford.


Application Guidance

1. The Guild Fellowship Fund is used at the discretion of the Guild committee and some money is available each year in the form of a bursary or grant to help members with research projects that they would otherwise be unable to afford.

2. The total sum of £2,000 is ring-fenced each year for this purpose. This will be awarded to an applicant or applicants who make a suitable request. Thus, each year there may be a single award for the total sum or a portion thereof, or there may be several awards, each for a portion of the total sum. There may be years when only a portion of the request is granted or indeed no grant is awarded.

3. The applicant or applicants will need to make a detailed written request in order to explain and justify the reason for the grant.

4. The entry period for applications will run this year (2019) until the end of July and the closing date for applications is Wednesday 31 July.

5. The decision to make an award for either the total sum or a portion of the ‘pot’ as detailed above will be made on merit by a small panel of former and current officials of the Guild as approved by the main committee. The decision to offer a grant will, we hope, be made before the end of September.

6. Any recipient of such a grant should be willing to acknowledge the debt to the Guild either in the form of a workshop, lecture, panel membership, website or journal contribution. He or she should also be required to acknowledge the assistance of the Guild when the research is published.


The written application should reflect the general interest and use of the subject under consideration and/or its significant contribution to the existing field.

The money may be used for a project for which there is no other funding or to supplement an existing project. As examples, we suggest perhaps travel, library, book purchase, subscription or specialist need costs. Awards will be at the panel’s discretion, and the operation of the scheme will be periodically reviewed by the committee.

For more information please email the Guild administrator Jonathan Woods: jonathan@gfw.co.uk.

Terms and conditions

The award is open to Guild members only.

The proposal can be for a cookbook, article or similar intended to be published in print or electronic form in the English language.

The application can be made either by post or electronically to jonathan@gfw.co.uk

When making your application please provide the following:

  • The Project Title
  • A summary of the proposal in no more than 500 words
  • The requested amount plus an estimated budget breakdown.
  • Research plans plus a provisional timetable.
  • Publication prospects or plans

We do not foresee the need to hold interviews with applicants but reserve the right to ask for further information about the project.

Supporting documents are welcome but not necessarily required.

The decision of the Guild to award any bursary is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 31 July.