Guild Writers Make Top Ten

Members Sally Brown and Kate Morris were thrilled to see their book The World in My Kitchen (Nourish) selected by Martha Alexander in The Independent on Wednesday 24 April as one of their top 10 cook books to get kids cooking. Published in 2016, the book is an exploration of food flavours from across the globe, with national recipes simplified into easy to recreate dishes for children to make and share. The book is also full of illustrations and facts to make it more than just a recipe book. ‘Kate and I tried to find the kinds of foods children would be eating in their own homes across the world. Recipes include fish cakes from Canada, mango salad from Thailand, cornbread from Mexico, and pineapple and coconut cakes, a traditional flavour for birthdays and celebration cakes in Brazil,’ explains Sally. ‘We had great fun researching the facts, figures and languages for each of the countries in the book.’