Making and Sharing Stories of Food in a Digital Age

Photograph: Arnhel de Serra

Guild member Bee Farrell has just started a funded research PhD at the University of Kent in the Anthropology department that will use digital and food anthropology. She hopes to work with food writers and food/cookery presenters to explore the ways their experiences and stories of food are both physical and virtual. Bee will also investigate how food kinship, made through the bond of support and interest – such as through the Guild of Food Writers – happens in a digital world. ‘It's early days but already the students and academics at the university are fascinated about the depth and breadth of our relationship with food and eating! So far – in between teaching seminars on anthropology – she has been doing lots of reading (and thinking) on food and the emotions and senses also the public/private spaces of eating and of the smart phone. It's an amazing area that brings in all kinds of pondering!

‘I look forward to this project developing and if anyone in the Guild of Food Writers would like to find out more please do get in touch directly.’
You can contact Bee at