SIZL Spices

Guild member Mallika Basu has launched SIZL Spices, a range of heady and high quality spices designed to be practical in your kitchen AND look fabulous on the worktop. SIZL Spices come in stackable, well labelled containers that can be stored vertically in your kitchen shelf or horizontally in the drawer. They have wide lids so you can measure quantities with a spoon while cooking. We've also created a window panel that tells you when you're running low.

Mallika, cookbook author and spice columnist for the Evening Standard, will provide recipes and tips on how to use the spices, while co-founder Amar Dani will use his over 10 years of experience in selling organic spices to share knowledge, insights and bust myths. The launch range covers 16 spices in generous tins priced between £3 and £5.99, and there is a Winter Spice Kit and Indian Starter Pack for gifting too. Delivery is limited to the UK only – but Mallika and Amar are hoping for global domination eventually! Available on Amazon and on