Kate Morris

Kate originally trained to teach Home Economics and also has a Masters in Food Policy. She first worked as a Home Economics teacher at a secondary school in North London for two years, she then moved into consumer education working for home interest magazine, Woman and Home, for over 3 years before continuing to work freelance for a further 10 years. She regularly entertained her young children with pastry and scone making but discovered that other parents weren’t confident to try these simple recipes themselves, let alone with their children. She joined Sally Brown in 2003 to develop The Purple Kitchen. They delivered cookery courses to children and their carers from pre-school age, introducing food and nutrition education in a fun and innovative way to children as young as two - for over 13 years! This provided the know-how for she and Sally to co-devise i can cook for CBeebies in 2008 with Endemol (104 episodes followed), and more recently My World Kitchen with Terrific Television, (60 episodes) also for CBeebies. Core values are: Real Food Discovery (using ingredients both familiar and unfamiliar in recipes and for tasting); Accessible recipes (created exclusively); Health (healthy foods 80% of the time but you can also enjoy treats); Food Is Sociable (sharing and listening); Life Skills (food handling and preparation) and fun. Ideas are based on a hands-on approach with learning about how food grows, where it comes from, trying new tastes, and using and developing basic and transferable skills. Importantly, children learn to connect what’s on their plate with the world around them, developing a new level of interest in foods and flavours. Recipes are devised based on common larder ingredients and simple skills to get kids and adults cooking, aiming to help children and adults eat well. Kate has further study in nutrition and her MSc in Food Policy from City University, London (2010). Kate is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health and has recently been teaching cooking and nutrition to boys in year groups 4-8. She is also part of the small group of specialists bringing Sapere Food Education to the UK under its new name Flavour School - teaching children to really taste and explore flavours and textures of food

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Getting children interested in tasting , handling, using and eating food

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Kate Morris