Bee Farrell

In 2015, I graduated from SOAS, University of London with a masters’ degree in the Anthropology of Food. My final dissertation on the craft of artisan bakers has led to published writing on the subject of bread and bakers. The degree programme consolidated many years of food related practical work and research within heritage, culture, education and community projects. These projects include www.cultureofthecountryside and and, food education programmes within schools and communities. As a public food anthropologist I have written journal articles, a book chapter, guides, reports, policy frameworks, website entries, and presented papers at conferences. My consultation specialisms are how food heritage can inspire modern eating (which includes recipe research and creation, traditional skills and bygone ingredients) and urban food security. I curate food experiences to enliven, inform or communicate that deepen and contextualise my writing.

Special subjects

Urban Food Security (Book chapter, report and on-line framework, exhibition panel text, website content, workshop presentations, conference presentations and panel chair). Craft of bread (Illustrated guide, magazine article, on-line magazine articles, exhibition panel text, website content, tours, workshops and academic writing). Grain and milling (Magazine article, journal article, conference papers and presentations, education packs, posters for milling and bread history, website content, newsletter and exhibition panel text). Sustainable Food Skills and Traditions (Workshops and demonstration, recipes and information, heritage food directory, website content, conference papers and presentations, marketing campaigns). Historic recipes, cooking skills and equipment (Recipe creation, information on traditional food and farming, local heritage foods directories).

Languages spoken

English Conversational French

Regular work

Freelance magazine articles, consultation for marketing campaigns, Breadear tours and Anthropologists of Eating events.