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Charlotte Pike


Joan Alcock

As an archaeologist and a historian specialising in the ancient world I have investigated the food culture of that particular period in detail. This research includes drawing comparisons with other cultures and societies and visiting sites in Europe and the Far East.

Special subjects

Food history; food and travel; historical research; ancient classical food (books and articles). Books: Life In Ancient Rome (The History Press 2010), Cheshire Inn Signs (The History Press 2008), co-author (with John Marchant and Bryan Reuben) Bread: A Slice of History (The History Press 2008), London Inn Signs (Tempus 2007), Food in the Ancient World (Greenwood Publishing 2006), Life in Roman Britain (Tempus 2006), Food in Roman Britain (Tempus 2003), Contributions in the Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery (Prospect Books 1989-2010)