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Charlotte Pike


Kay Gale

I'm a freelance book editor with over 40 years experience. I work mainly on fiction now but at one time commissioned and edited cookery books (Methuen) and still do some work on cookery books (for Constable/Little Brown). I started a Food & Travel blog in July 2011 ( because of my long interest in food - I grew up in a pub with a restaurant and cooked there in my late teens/early 20s; then worked as a non-fiction commissioning editor of primarily cookery books for a few years. After years of editing other people's work, I wanted to write myself and started the blog. The blog is varied with many recipes (my editorial experience means I know how to write up recipes well and I add step-by-step photos I take myself), restaurant reviews, travel journals and general 'talk' about food; I've also interviewed a number of chefs and restaurateurs. Many of my posts/articles are published on the GPSmyCity app from which I earn a regular royalty. I am also a registered homeopath which requires me to have studied nutrition and be able to advise clients alongside prescribing remedies. There are a few 'healthy' recipes on the blog but in the main my cooking interest is connected to my travel or what's in season and I'm cooking in my kitchen.

Special subjects

My blog and work is quite varied but I have a particular interest food + travel.

Languages spoken

A little of both French and Italian.

Regular work

Book editing and earning a royalty from my blog articles.

Commercial interests

I'm freelance and have no formal commitments to anyone, though have regular work from major publishers like Headline, Hodder, Constable and Simon & Schuster. I earn a royalty from some of my blog writing which is published on the GPSmyCity app - but I only submit suitable articles and have no contract or obligation to them.