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Charlotte Pike


Balwinder Kapila

My parents came to this country in the 1950s. I was born and grew up in Hounslow with my three brothers. I am married and had three boys. Our youngest 15 year old son died suddenly from a brain haemmorhage in 2008. I set up a Charitable Trust Fund in his memory and left teaching. My friends in Pangbourne where we have lived for almost 25 years had always asked me for cooking lessons. I decided to write a little booklet of recipes for them. This became a full scale project. I am the author of 'A Pinch of Spice' which took 8 years to complete and for which my family and I submitted complete author produced files to the publishing company. The book has given my family and friends a focus to come to terms, to a certain extent, with our loss but also to lead our lives in a different sort of way. I am now busy marketing the book. I cycle, walk and swim and I love gardening. I'm also learning to speak Spanish.

Special subjects

Punjabi cuisine

Languages spoken

Punjabi English

Regular work

Voluntary work for the Affinity Trust at a garden centre that employs people with learning disabilities.