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Awards 2017 – Call for Entries

Jayne Cross (04/01/2017)

Entries are now being accepted for the 2017 Guild of Food Writers Awards sponsored by Tenderstem®.
The Guild of Food Writers Awards were established in 1996 and are presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in food writing and broadcasting. 
Full details are now available here and the Awards entry form can be completed online.

There are 12 main awards categories:  
The closing date for completing entry forms is Tuesday 14 February 2017 and all materials must be with the juries by Tuesday 28 February 2017.
The winning entry in each category will receive a prize of £500 and an engraved glass trophy. The winners of each Award will be announced at the Guild of Food Writers Awards ceremony on Thursday 22 June 2017 at The Oval Space in Bethnal Green.

Photograph of trophies
Photographer Idil Sukan for Draw HQ

The Guild also presents the Inspiration Award (sponsored by Scotch Beef PGI) to celebrate an individual or group making an inspirational difference to how we eat today. This award is unique amongst the Guild awards as the only people who can submit nominations are the Guild’s own members. Nominations for this award will be sought in March 2017.

Full details are now available here and the Awards entry form can be completed online. 



Several Guild Awards are presented in memory of talented members of the Guild who are no longer with us:
  • The British Food Award is presented in memory of Michael Smith.
  • The Campaigning and Investigative Food Work Award is presented in memory of Derek Cooper.
  • The Cookery Writing Award is presented in memory of Evelyn Rose.
  • The First Book Award is presented in memory of Jeremy Round.
  • The Food and Travel Award is presented in memory of Kate Whiteman.


(Main sponsor of the Awards)

Logo for Tenderstem
“Whether you’re preparing a fiery stir-fry or looking for a delicate accompaniment to a perfect piece of fish, Tenderstem® is an inspiring ingredient that’s sure to bring personality to the dish. A cross between Chinese kale and regular broccoli, Tenderstem® is quick to cook, full of flavour and incredibly versatile.

Tenderstem® happily adds colour and flavour to a huge range of dishes. It has a mild, distinctive flavour and a succulent texture more akin to asparagus than traditional broccoli. As the name suggests, Tenderstem® is tender from floret to stem so you can eat the whole vegetable, so there’s no waste, unlike ordinary broccoli, which tends to have a thicker, and sometimes woody, stem. Whatever your cooking style, there are plenty of options when it comes to serving Tenderstem®: steam it, boil it, stir fry it, BBQ it, griddle it, roast it, or even enjoy it raw.

Figures from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey reveal that seven out of 10 people fail to get the recommended 5-a-day. A serving of Tenderstem® – around 7 stems – counts as one of your 5-a-day. It’s low in calories and high in fibre – an 80g serving contains just 28 calories and 3g fibre – and is perfect for adding variety to our diet, which can help to make healthy eating really enjoyable. Some nutrients are especially good at supporting our immune system; these include vitamins A and C, together with folate (a B vitamin). Many fruit and veg contain these nutrients, but Tenderstem® is one of the few vegetables that’s rich in all three of these, making it an ideal choice for staying fighting fit. Think oranges are the ultimate vitamin C boost? Tenderstem® has twice the amount of this vital vitamin, gram for gram.

The Tenderstem® Team is very proud to support the Guild as its main sponsor, after five years of sponsoring its Food Magazine or Section Award.”

You can find out more about Tenderstem® at; on Twitter: @tenderstem; on Facebook:; on Pinterest:; on Instagram:

Scotch Beef PGI
(Sponsor of the Inspiration Award)

Logo for Scotch Beef PGI“Scotch Beef PGI is delighted to be supporting the Guild of Food Writers awards event.

Scotch Beef PGI, which has earned a global reputation for taste and quality, is sourced from Scottish farms which must adopt best practice regarding animal welfare and production methods. Farms and processors are independently audited and Scotch Beef PGI is fully traceable back to farms of origin.

Family farming remains at the heart of sheep and cattle production in Scotland and sustains rural communities throughout the country. Livestock production also plays an important part in the biodiversity of upland habitats and the focus is on beef breeds farmed to produce beef, rather than milk.

Scotland’s livestock production systems are based on free-ranging animals grazing at low stocking densities. Permanent grass and rough grazing account for almost 80% of Scottish agricultural area – this is largely unsuitable for vegetable or cereal production but ideal for cattle and sheep grazing.

Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb PGI were also among the first European red meat products to be granted the coveted PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status in recognition of their quality standards and unique regional taste.”

You can find out more about Scotch Beef PGI at; on Twitter: @scotchkitchen; on Facebook:

(Sponsor of the British Food Award)

Logo for Aspall“Innovation and invention have been at the heart of Aspall ever since Clement Chevallier arrived at Aspall Hall in 1728 to set up his new cyder business.

As well as being cutting-edge cyder makers, the family have been pioneers of seed drilling, propagators of a barley that became a staple of the brewing industry for 150 years, and one of the first dairies to embrace pasteurisation. More recently, we invented the unique trickle feed method used to create our incredibly popular cyder vinegar.

Now one of the oldest family businesses in the UK, Aspall is run by the eighth generation of the family, Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild. While upholding the same exacting standards set by Clement nearly 300 years ago, we have continued to innovate and improve.

Today, with our immense heritage, Aspall is recognised as a brand that values its past while enthusiastically embracing the future. We still press, ferment, blend and bottle on site at Aspall Hall but by embracing new ideas and technologies we have been able to produce the world-class cyders, juices and vinegars for which we are celebrated.

Creativity and passion are central to all we do so it is a great pleasure to sponsor these awards, which recognise such qualities in those who write about our industry of food and drink.”

You can find out more about Aspall at; on Twitter: @aspall and @AspallVinegar; on Facebook: AspallUK; on Instagram: @aspalluk.

Food & Drink Devon
(Sponsor of the Restaurant Writing Award)

Logo for Food & Drink DevonThe food and drink scene in Devon has never been so vibrant. The county is buzzing with innovation, creativity and productivity. Whether on the coast or inland there is a hub of activity. Matched with the stunning scenery it is rapidly growing its reputation on the culinary map as the must visit destination.

Food & Drink Devon is the county’s only dedicated membership organisation supporting quality, provenance and sustainability in this sector. It has a 250 strong Devon-based membership which includes cookery schools, hospitality and catering businesses, speciality retailers, farmers markets and producers. Food & Drink Devon and its membership supports the growing trend for using seasonal, local produce.

Chair Barbara King, who is also managing director of The Shops at Dartington, says: ‘Having enjoyed hosting a Guild of Food Writers' trip last year, Food & Drink Devon is delighted to be sponsoring the Guild's Restaurant Writing Award. The businesses within the membership look forward to welcoming the Guild again this year, both on a group visit as well as individual press tours.’

Please do contact Hayley Reynolds ( to find out more about some of Devon's many highlights.

You can find out more about Food & Drink Devon at; on Twitter: @lovetheflavour; on Facebook: lovetheflavour.


Gold Top
(Sponsor of the Cookery Writing Award)

Logo for Gold Top“Gold Top with Cream at the Top
Established in Buckinghamshire in 1954, QMP was set up in association with milk producers throughout the country to market and promote their new brand, Gold Top.

The Gold Top selection stands for premium quality and superior taste, it is this quality, alongside our high end service, which makes us stand out from our competitors.

The original Gold Top Milk is made the traditional Guernsey and Jersey way with the cream on the top, and tastes delicious, the luxurious Gold Top Smooth is a variation whereby the indulgent cream is blended evenly throughout the entire bottle. The Gold Top family includes, butter, cream, ice cream amongst others.

QMP are set to make an even greater impact through increased promotion. Sponsoring several shows throughout the year, such as The Dairy Event, Royal Cornwall, The Great Yorkshire Show amongst others and regionalised smaller We are looking into doing food shows over the next 18 months by undertaking joint ventures with Grahams Dairy our current licence holder. We are also sponsoring The Jersey Society World Tour in 2016, which will tour around the UK and Ireland.”

(Sponsor of the Food Book Award)

Logo for Lakeland
“Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware was founded over 50 years ago in the heart of the Lake District. From humble beginnings this family owned business is now a multi-national, multi-channel retailer offering millions of customers over 4000 quality, ‘can’t live without’ products for the kitchen and home. Lakeland is constantly looking for ground-breaking innovations and ideas to add to their extensive range to ensure that their customers have everything they need to create delicious, healthy meals at home and handy time savers to make life just that little bit easier.

Customers can shop using the Lakeland catalogue, by phone, online, click and collect service or by visiting one of their 69 stores up and down the country. Lakeland offer over 500 free recipes online and you’ll also discover regular in-store demonstrations in many of their stores.

No matter how you shop, Lakeland’s knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer expert advice and ideas and of course all of their products are backed by Lakeland’s famous satisfaction guarantee!”

For more information, visit; on Twitter: @LakelandUK; on Facebook:; on Instagram: @lakelanduk; on Pinterest: lakelanduk; on YouTube: LakelandTV.

Norwegian Seafood Council
(Sponsor of the Food Broadcast Award)

Logo of the Norwegian Seafood Council“Geographically, Norway is one long coastline. Our coastal towns look out onto oceans that are seven times the size of the country itself. All kinds of amazing seafood thrives in these cold, clear waters, especially Cod, Haddock, Skrei, Salmon and Fjord Trout.

It's no surprise that we're a fishing and fish farming nation. It's in our genes after all; plenty of our fathers and their fathers before them made their living at sea, and as children we grow up eating it. Today, we still take the seafood industry incredibly seriously.

Our continuous sustainable and scientific management of our fisheries supplies the UK with a healthy supply of great quality, MSC certified Norwegian Cod and Haddock, from the biggest stocks in the world.

We are also world leaders in aquaculture. Being the first to develop the sea-based farming method in the 1970s, we have pioneered the industry. We have been at the forefront of salmon production, thanks to Norway’s spectacular natural landscape which provides perfect conditions for farming Salmon and Fjord Trout.

At the Norwegian Seafood Council, our job is to tell these stories - and why we are one of the world's biggest and most sustainable producers of seafood.”

You can find out more about the Norwegian Seafood Council at; on Twitter: @NorwaySeafood; on Instagram: @NorwaySeafood; on Facebook:


Satellite PR
(Sponsor of the Food Blog Award)

Logo of Satellite PR“Satellite PR is a Shoreditch based PR agency with a talent for thinking big. We love ideas almost as much as we love food!

The work we do may sound run of the mill - new product launches, media relations, sampling, events, crisis and issues and social media - but the ingredients we use make it special. People who are dedicated, creative, funny and all-round good-eggs. We believe in putting something back which is why we’re helping Magic Breakfast, whose founder Carmel McConnell won the Guild of Food Writers Inspiration Award in 2016. 

In the past few years we’ve created the Student Cook of the Year, launched a National Trust Farm shop, taken a giant pumpkin into a school, promoted Peruvian street food, raised awareness of food allergies, encouraged families to share their pudding recipes and worked with hundreds of GPs to spread the word about healthy eating.”

You can find out more about Satellite PR at; on Facebook:; on Twitter: @Satellite_PR.

SuperFast Thermapen®
(Sponsor of the Food Writing Award)

Logo of SuperFast Thermapen
“A favourite kitchen essential of many celebrity chefs and professional cooks, the SuperFast Thermapen® is made in Britain by ETI Ltd, the UK’s leader in the manufacture and design of electronic thermometers and temperature probes and recipients of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade in both 2012 and 2014.

Giving an accurate temperature reading in just three seconds, the Thermapen is stylish and easy to use and available in a range of stunning colours. A must-have for all kitchens; whether you are a professional chef, technical baker, or just want to enjoy meat that is both succulent and cooked safely at home.

The Thermapen 4 includes the addition of a patented 360° self-rotating display that can be used in any position, in either hand. The unit incorporates an intelligent backlit display sensing light levels, automatically turning the backlight on/off in varying light conditions, perfect for evening catering events, or where light is poor. The motion-sensing sleep mode automatically turns the unit on/off when set down or picked up, maximising battery life. The Thermapen case is waterproof and includes `Biomaster’ additive that reduces bacterial growth. The ergonomic rubber seal meanwhile minimises the risk of the ingress of water, dust or food.”

You can find out more about Thermapen 4 at; on Twitter: @thermapen_; on Facebook: SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer; on Instagram: Thermapen.

Tebay Services and Gloucester Services
(Sponsor of the Food and Travel Award)

Logo of Tebay Services“The Westmorland story began in 1972 when the Dunnings, local farmers, set up Tebay Services after the M6 cut through their farm. It was the first family-run motorway service station on the UK road network. Forty years on the business is still family owned, still farming and still with a fierce passion for, and a pride in, the landscape, people, environment and its products. Gloucester Services is the latest addition to the family and the Northbound side was opened in 2014 followed by Southbound, which was opened last year by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Logo of Gloucester ServicesIn essence, Tebay Services and Gloucester Services are food businesses, with quality, locally-sourced food at the very heart. Tebay Services and Gloucester Services are a refreshingly different breed of motorway services – no chains, no franchises, no fast food on the forecourt. Instead, farmshops stocked with locally produced food, a butchery featuring local meat, kitchens serving homemade dishes created from locally-sourced produce every day. Gloucester Services works with over 130 local producers within 30 miles of the services and 70 producers from across the South West. Tebay Services works with 70 local producers in addition to using lamb and beef from the Dunning family farm in the fells surrounding the services.

Proper food matters, so we serve it where you least expect it, on the motorway.”

You can find out more about Tebay Services at and Gloucester Services at; on Twitter @tebayservices and @glouc_services.


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