Five minutes with… Kay Featherstone

Each month we call up a Guild member and ask them what’s occurring. This month, Kay Featherstone co-author with Kate Allinson of the phenomenon that started with the website Pinch of Nom.

Were you taken aback by the success of Pinch of Nom?

We’ve been working on Pinch of Nom for just over 4 years now, and before that, we worked for an online company, gaining knowledge and experience. So although a lot of people see us as an overnight success, we’ve been working hard on this for a long time. However, the book’s level of success was totally unexpected and has taken us completely out of our comfort zone. Whilst we’ve always been confident in our cooking, learning to write recipes in a way that people understand easily has been a challenge. We’ve taught ourselves how to take photos of food, produce videos and now learned how to create books. I think success looks very different from person to person, but for us it’s continuing to make people happy by giving them affordable recipes that are easy to make.


Your first book Pinch of Nom: 100 Slimming, Home-style Recipes is on track to become the bestselling cookbook of all time. What are your favourite cookbooks?

Wow – this is a good question! For me it has to be How to Eat by Nigella, but we often cook recipes from Ottolenghi, Diana Henry and Sabrina Ghayour too! We love cooking from an array of recipe books, cultures and cuisines, so it’s hard to narrow them down to a list.


What would be your desert island meal? 

Anything involving pasta. I absolutely love how versatile pasta is and I can eat pasta almost any day of the week. 


How has your book changed your life and that of your partner?

If we are honest, nothing much has changed. We are the same people who love the same things and do the same things. We finally moved work out of our home and into an office; that’s been the biggest change so far. Things are so busy now that it really helps having that boundary there. Although, obviously, we are currently back to working from home and trying to navigate creating those boundaries once again, albeit temporarily.