Genevieve fires up a new venture

Genevieve Taylor, Guild Chair, has just launched Bristol Fire School, the South West’s hottest cookery school. Literally.

Bristol Fire School has one overriding aim – to help people Do Fire Better. 

To cook great food over fire you need to know how to light, control and work with the fire. Fire management is fundamental to success and the foundation of getting everything right and dinner on the table. Master these skills and it just becomes cooking. The popularity of this elemental kind of cooking has risen exponentially and for very good reason, food cooked over fire quite simply tastes better. ‘Once you master the fire, it just becomes cooking’, says Genevieve. ‘The barrier to great fire-cooked food is feeling confident with the fire itself.’

After the successes of her bestselling vegetable barbecue book Charred and the The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook, top fire cook Genevieve Taylor has launched the Bristol Fire School in her home town of Bristol.

Genevieve shares the skills and knowledge that have made her one of the country’s best-known outdoor cooks. Courses will cover everything from perfecting barbecuing skills to getting a handle on that pizza oven, slow-roasting, smoking and open-fire cooking, always with a focus on the essential skill of fire management.