‘Market Explorers’ free education resource at Borough

Kate Morris and Sally Brown have been collaborating with Borough Market on their new ‘Market Explorers’, a free education resource, aimed at connecting primary school children with the food they eat. With the curriculum in mind, children will be encouraged to look at how produce is grown or made, its history, preparation, and cooking.

With school groups and children unable to currently explore, touch and taste food at the Market owing to social distancing measures, the fun learning resources have been created to help parents to inspire their mini masterchefs at home during the Summer Term.

Six ‘Market Explorers’ units will be piloted initially, focusing on a different ingredient each time. The free-to-download A5 booklets will have a range of engaging information and activities aimed at 5-8 year olds, and budding foodies and are accessible by registering at facebook.com/groups/marketexplorers/.

In line with Borough Market’s commitment to sustainability, the resources will also cover topics such as seasonality and food waste.

[Editor Kristen Frederickson reports that if people outside the children/education sector are interested in the scheme and would like to join the Facebook group, but are flummoxed by being asked ‘how many children will you be bringing?’, the answer can be simply ‘0’, and then the group moderators are free to decide whether or not to accept the request.]