Why does a Granny of 81 start to make a YouTube Channel?

During lockdown Judy Jackson started to produce videos, alone in her kitchen, with no equipment and no editor. Since that beginning she has established a YouTube Channel with more than 20 videos. After 4 months it has reached more than 1600 views.

‘In a world that is fast, with my book writing days over, I take the time to show people gently how to cook, as opposed to offering recipes. I tell them the pitfalls and take them through every step till I show the bright, finished dish at the end.

‘At a Guild AGM eight years ago there was discussion on whether writers of blogs were proper writers. The overwhelming feeling in the room was “no”. So I kept quiet about my blog. It’s still going (more than 3000 posts later). 

‘With the explosion of social media and the decline of print publishing, we are all looking for ways to get our story out and for me video seems the obvious solution. My Channel is called Kitchen Games after a book I wrote for children but the videos are for anyone who cooks: those who love it, those who had to do it in lockdown and most of all those who are looking for a bit of inspiration. The central theme is that the results are quick: not fast food, but interesting food made in minutes, rather than hours. Also there’s a section on food writers and this includes our illustrious Glynn Christian and Clarissa Hyman.

‘Do have a look. The videos are not long, on average about 8 minutes.

‘You’ll find YouTube – Kitchen Games – Judy Jackson here: youtube.com/channel/UCo6kFrc1H6heHRebyDU5hvA and my blog The Armchair Kitchen with posts twice a week here: lookitcookit.tumblr.com