Cathy Seward

I am a food writer / home economist and food stylist with many years of experience in the profession. I have worked for many leading blue-chip companies and have been specifically involved with product research and development. I test and evaluate kitchen equipment, write use and care instructions, develop and test recipes and style food for photography. I work with cookery book publishers testing and developing recipes. Americanising recipes is a particular speciality. I have worked on many cookery books testing and editing and Americanising recipes, have many of my recipes on leading cookery websites and am joint author of Superfood Slow Cooker published by RPS books. I am a food award judge.

Special subjects

Recipe testing and development. Americanisation of recipes. Testing and evaluation of kitchenwares. Writing use and care instructions for kitchenwares.

Regular work

Recipe testing and development. Americanisation of recipes for cookery books Food styling.