Lorna Salmon

Lorna Salmon is the author of The Calm Kitchen: Mindful Recipes to Feed Body and Soul. In her first published work, she shares how the joys of cooking, baking, foraging and feasting have helped her through the toughest of times. A passionate mental health advocate, since her diagnosis of depression and GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) she has found solace with her love of food. With The Calm Kitchen, Lorna wants to share just how much this style of cooking has helped her cope – particularly so during this past tumultuous year – and in turn, help others too. Due to her years of work in the world of conservation (National Trust, RSPB, FFI), Lorna is hugely connected to the natural world. A walk with Lorna tends to take a little longer – in part because she’s a mighty 5’1’’ – but mostly, because you’ll be stopping every five minutes or so to examine a particular tree, flower, or identifying a bird that’s just shot past.

Special subjects

Food and mental health. The connection between food and nature (seasonal cooking, foraging). Vegetarianism / plant based eating. Breaking down barriers: what does a cook 'look like', what does a food writer 'look like'? I want to be a part of redefining this and opening up the world of food to new audiences who might not consider themselves as welcome in this space and make sure they feel like they belong.

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Regular work

Author with Pavilion Books and National Trust Books. First release: 13 May 2021

Lorna Salmon