Durkhanai Ayubi

I am an Afghan born migrant, now living in Adelaide, Australia. I published my first book in 2020, Parwana: Recipes and Stories from an Afghan Kitchen. It merged my two great loves - writing and cuisine. The book enabled me to open up conversations in a global space around Afghanistan, its cuisine and its rich history, in a way that bypassed the narrow confines in which the region today remains confined. It engrained within me further my belief in the power of cuisine as a conduit to greater social understanding, and as a foundation for enabling transformations. I have written on various subject matters, in different forms, for various national and international publications. I am an Atlantic Fellow, with my social equity centred Fellowship based in Oxford University - pre-pandemic, UK was somewhere I was spending lots of time, and do hope to visit again soon!

Special subjects

Social equity Food Afghanistan Displacement History

Languages spoken

English Dari

Regular work

I work day to day in my family restaurants, while continuing to write.

Advisory boards / Awards

Some Board positions held over the years: Writers Victoria Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre Committee for Adelaide Melbourne University Social Equity Institute Food writing awards Shortlisted: Andre Simons Award (UK) Fortnum & Mason Awards (to be announced in August) Won: The Art of Eating Prize (US) The Guild of Food Writers, International Cuisine (thank you!)

Commercial interests

Restaurants Products Books