Vicky Bennison

I'm currently the producer and brand owner of Pasta Grannies: a YouTube channel, website - and, hopefully, book - celebrating Italian 'nonne' and the fading art of making pasta by hand in domestic kitchens. Prior this, I co-authored 'Seasonal Spanish Food', London chef Jose Pizarro's first book, which was short listed for several awards. Food writing and filming is a mid life change of career. I spent many years working in International Development in far flung places like Siberia, South Africa and Turkmenistan, where the next decent meal was always on my mind. I began writing about my experiences and progressed onto books. 'The Taste of a Place' guides told you where to find good food and wine in Corfu, Mallorca and Andalucia. I was chuffed they were recommended by The Observer, The Times, and Delia Smith Online, amongst others.

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