Silvana Franco

I am a food writer, editor and presenter specialising in creating exciting new and original recipe content for print and social media. I love writing simple, inspirational recipes that anyone can cook. I take my own inspiration from the seasons, from eating out, from travel and holidays and from the Southern Italian food cooked and eaten growing up in my Mum’s kitchen. Over the years I have worked in many areas, from food magazines to behind the scenes in tv to in front of the camera. I have written thousands of recipes (including 10 cookery books) and food styled the shots for many national magazines and newspapers as well as for packaging, advertising and POS. I love cooking to camera, particularly during the lockdown of last year when my family and I wrote, filmed and presented the hugely successful At Home social media video series for Waitrose. Cooking with and for others is one my greatest pleasures and I’m very lucky to be able to call it work.