Isabel Hood

I have been fascinated by food since I was a child growing up in Mexico and my work as an international freelance private chef and a food writer has further consolidated this glorious and delicious obsession with food. This has caused me to immerse myself in the cuisines of the world and to delve into their origins and traditional or indigenous ingredients, thereby acquiring extensive knowledge of food and cooking, and recipes from the four corners of the earth. There has however always been a deep undercurrent of conflict about the effect that the dishes I prepare for my clients may have on their health and this is what finally pushed me into going back to school and searching for a way to resolve the many contradictions which I have encountered during my gastronomic career. The conclusion has been that delectable, mouth-watering cuisine and good health are not mutually exclusive and can exist happily on the same plate. I now run my own nutritional practice alongside my work as an international nutritional chef and food writer.

Special subjects

Mexican cuisine and culture (one book), vegan or plant-powered cuisine (one book), cooking for two (one book), nutrition - I am a graduate in naturopathic nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine at Brighton University. Anti-Ageing and Brain Health are subjects of particular interest.

Languages spoken

English, Spanish, French, Italian

Regular work

Monthly guest on BBC Radio Southern Counties Cook on the Books with Joe Talbot; regular guest tutor at The Central Street Cookery School in London EC1

Commercial interests

Isabel Hood Nutrition nutritional practice