Luca Marchiori

I am an Anglo-Italian who writes primarily about Italian food, focussing on authenticity, history, and culture. My blog, Luca's Italy, is my shop window through which potential clients can find examples of my work. Being bilingual in Italian and English, and of a bi-cultural background, puts me in the almost unique position of being able to culturally interpret things for a British and native English-speaking audience. I often find cultural misunderstandings finding their way into writing about Italy, which I am able to avoid. My field of interest covers the whole of Italy, especially the different regional cuisines. I am originally from the north, Venice to be precise, but have made a wide, and ongoing, study of southern Italian cuisine. I am lucky enough to be able to divide my time between the UK and Italy which gives me plenty of opportunity for research. Currently, I am researching my first book on an aspect of Italian food.

Special subjects

Italian food and culture The regional cuisine of Italy Italian history Italian travel Pizza Pasta

Languages spoken

English, Italian, French, German

Regular work

Great Italian Chefs, Devour Tours, Luca's Italy (

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