Sabine Parrish

I am an anthropology doctoral candidate and coffee writer. I have an academic and professional background in specialty coffee, and have published on specialty coffee in several publications (Standart, Perfect Daily Grind, Roast Magazine, Sprudge) over the last five years. Though coffee is my area of expertise, I'm keen to branch out into covering other beverages and work which bridges the academic-popular divide to engage the public with scientific research on food and food cultures. I also regularly speak on specialty coffee consumer cultures for both academic and popular audiences.

Special subjects

Specialty coffee Coffee Brazil Gender and food service employment

Languages spoken

Fluent: English, Portuguese Passible in a pinch: Spanish

Regular work

Regular contributor to Standart Magazine, a quarterly specialty coffee publication (

Advisory boards / Awards

2019 James Beard Foundation National Scholar 2018 Best Coffee Writing, for the Standart Magazine feature article 'She's a Lady', Sprudgie Awards