Be Inspired

Janni Kyritsis (ex-MG Garage) who inspired A Month of Greek; Sally Galletto (Lucio’s Italian Restaurant); Lennox Hastie (Firedoor) with wife Dianna and son Alex; Roberta Muir (standing); Marilyn and Martino Pilu and Giovanni Pilu from Pilu at Freshwater who inspires our A Month in Sardinia; Alessandro Pavoni from Ormeggio at the Spit who will inspire A Month of Northern Italian in our winter 2022; and Lucio Galletto (Lucio’s Italian Restaurant – soon to open Lucio’s on the Marina in Noosa) who inspired our Month of Traditional Italian
Photo Franz Scheruer Photography


Be Inspired is the new venture of Australian Guild member, Roberta Muir. After leaving Sydney Seafood School (Australia’s largest recreational cooking school) earlier this year, Roberta started Be Inspired to connect passionate home cooks with great chefs and awesome producers. And now she’s expanding the offering internationally and asking Guild members to test drive it. The Be Inspired home recipe kits delivered in Sydney contain all the ingredients necessary to create 8 dishes for 2 people along with step-by-step videos and detailed written recipes. It’s the Recipes+Videos Packs that Roberta is offering globally along with lots of extra cooking tips and info on the monthly theme and membership to the Be Inspired online forum which she says has already become a great community sharing additional cooking information and inspiration. Packs are themed around a monthly cuisine including A Month of Traditional Italian Inspired by Lucio GallettoA Month of Malaysian Inspired by Simon GohA Month of Vietnamese Inspired by Mark Jensen and A Month of Greek Inspired by Janni Kyritsis.

Anyone currently writing for a food publication (in print or online) that’s interested in receiving a month of culinary inspiration should contact Roberta directly at