More than Curry newsletter

Mallika Basu launched a part free / part paid newsletter at the end of November called More than Curry ( It is published every other Friday, and covers:

Food culture with a particular focus on diversity and inclusion in the industry (free)
London’s diverse food offer (free)
The food, ingredients and recipes of India for those who want to learn more (paid).

This is designed to be a complete course, landing in the inbox and plugging some of the gaps in knowledge that exist owing to voice, style and editorial limitations

As a subscriber, you can access the previous newsletters too, which have covered what cultural appropriation is and isn't, and the problem with using the word authentic in food. The paid bit has covered a note on Bengali food, and a recipe for famous Bengali meat cooked slowly in mustard oil and a download on the oils used in Indian cooking, with a few myths debunked.
The newsletter already has over 1000 followers, with 45 paid.

Please do sign up if it sounds interesting and spread the word.