Shikha Kaiwar

When I was 18, I walked into a restaurant and asked for a pastry job. I ended up doing pastry for the next 6 years. When I left due to health reasons, I started documenting my recipes stories on my blog, which I still manage today. I've worked with local restaurants and publications to recipe write and highlight their menus on social media, and I published my own cookbook. For the past year, I've been teaching virtual pastry classes as team building to encourage people to make classic French pastries in their homes. Now, I'm focusing on two areas: 1) Origin stories and deep dives into food and pastry 2) A cookbook memoir of my time in restaurants and how that time got me through my parents decade-long divorce, many, MANY failed relationships, an advanced pastry bootcamp in Paris, and as of two months, a move to London

Special subjects

- Pastry, especially using French techniques to highlight fun, seasonal, and awesome flavor combinations - Creative nonfiction/personal essay writing - Recipe development - Virtual pastry classes

Languages spoken

English (fluent) Hindi (fluent) Spanish (proficient) French (apprend maintenant, lentement!)

Regular work

I do sponsored posts for my blog and social media, teach virtual pastry classes, and am a freelance writer pitching personal essays and articles. I'm working on a book proposal for my cookbook memoir.

Shikha Kaiwar