Young Disciples of Escoffier

Alan Coxon reports ‘I was recently invited to judge the “Young Disciples of Escoffier” competition in Lenzburg, Switzerland. A positive approach to stimulating the next generation of culinary talent!

‘The young trainees had three hours to deliver a main course incorporating a leg of venison cooked and prepared in two ways, and two different methods of cooking ( wet and dry) as well as three accompaniments and three garnishes of which black garlic and confit of orange had to be incorporated.

‘In addition to this there was a surprise recipe delivered half way through the competition where they were given an allotted time to cook eight crepes for Suzette, with the aim of causing a little increased challenge within their structured timings.

‘I was incredibly impressed as the three finalists delivered their plates in perfect Swiss timing to the minute (other than one that delivered two minutes late!).

‘Marks were awarded using 25 judging point criteria.

‘I am currently discussing rolling this out within the UK next year in readiness for an international winners competition.’