Anisha Mistry

I am an Editor for EIT Food's FoodUnfolded. I am also a consultant on food sustainability (specialising in olive oils, chocolate, wine and vine) and work with small olive oil producers in Spain. I have spent many years consulting for the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT Food), and The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) to FoodUnfolded across Europe on topics related to food sustainability, innovation in agriculture to COVID-19 and climate change within food production. With an academic background in both food and sustainability, and a passion for wine and olive oil from the Mediterranean, I have been committed to using my writing and spoken word to tackle and align the planet and people by creating better agrifood ecosystems because the world is facing some major challenges when it comes to feeding an ever-increasing world population in a sustainable and healthy way. Over the last couple of years, I have been working on my own blog, which showcases recipes which are gluten-free and made with olive oil. I founded the blog in 2010 as a creative outlet to share my passion for cooking but to also showcase my articles for food and drink magazines in the United Kingdom and Australia and The National in the United Arab Emirates, covering articles related to the birth of wine and olive oil, food and identity and food and the media. I have also developed commercial recipes for a variety of mini recipe booklets, which were published for Planeta DeAgostini in Spain. I recently launched a podcast, Naughty Bites, which sets out to break away from cultural taboos, celebrating and studying the sensory experience of eating. After all, expressing yourself through food is not just about how your plate looks, it goes far deeper. I unearth the personal stories of influential thought leaders. With helpful tips and a dose of inspiration, learn how food not only influences the experience of cooking but can lead to love, success and a zest for life!

Special subjects

My specialist subjects are: Birth of wine and olive oil Food and identity Food and the media Food Policy Food Sustainability Food & Drink: Wine: France, Spain and Italy Olive Oil: Spain and Italy Chocolate: Latin America Vinegar: Asia

Languages spoken

I speak English, Gujarati and Spanish fluently.

Regular work

I currently work for Azada Oils as an olive oil consultant and recipe developer where I create recipes using olive oil (instead of butter) and gluten-free. I also translate these recipes into Spanish. I also consult for EIT Food on topics related to food trends, agriculture and the impact climate change has on food production.

Advisory boards / Awards

PRIX de l’OIV 2021OIV AWARDPRIX de l’OIV 2021OIV AWARD Issued by OIV - International Organisation of Vine and Wine · Sep 2021 The “Wine Law and Policy: From National Terroirs to a Global Market” book that I contributed towards (see publication section) with other talented contributors from across the globe has received the Vitivinicultural Law OIV Award (2021) from the International Jury of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine. The OIV Award is a distinction set out in the OIV Rules of Procedure, granted each year by an international Jury composed of eminent personalities in the vitivinicultural world who represent the OIV Member Countries.

Commercial interests

I would love to be an ambassador for wineries and olive oil companies. From this, I would also like to create olive oils that go with spicy foods because olive oil is slowly becoming popular and not many people know much about it or how foods from Asia could really be transformed. I am currently pursuing my podcast, but I would love to broadcast for food fairs, TV and documentaries related to food and drink.

Anisha Mistry