Kate Hill

I am a published author (since 1995), professional cook, teacher, mentor, and consultant. Thirty years ago, I moved to rural Southwestern France on a barge. I bought an old farmhouse, Camont, and its 300-year-old kitchen became the focus for hundreds of hungry friends and cooking guests over the years. I started teaching cooking classes in that Kitchen-at-Camont and writing down the stories I told in published books and articles, and in a library of digital writing. The Camont Journals are now housed on Substack and are the main focus of my professional work as a writer. In 2022, I transformed the cooking school into the Relais de Camont Creative Residency.

Special subjects

Gascon and Southwestern French food culture: recipes, history, ingredients; seasonal ingredients and French farm practices; butchery and charcuterie.

Languages spoken

English (American) and French.

Regular work

Kitchen-at-Camont.com- online workshops Métier: Charcuterie Culture- online workshops The Camont Journals- digital serialized cookbook

Commercial interests

Relais de Camont Creative Residency

Kate Hill