Lucy Parr

I am a Cordon Bleu trained mum of two and long-term vegetarian with a passion for cooking and baking. Both my daughters were diagnosed with multiple food allergies at a very young age, turning my approach to food on its head. I started a blog, Lucy’s Friendly Foods, to record my journey back in 2012 and has now developed over 800 unique allergy-friendly recipes. I have just written my first cookbook, published by Meze Publishing Ltd on 14th November 2022.

Special subjects

Cooking for food-allergies and plant-based diets, with a focus on baking and patisserie

Languages spoken

English, a little French

Regular work

I work as a civil servant and my career in food has been a hobby until now. I hope the publication of my book will launch my career in the world of food.

Advisory boards / Awards


Lucy Parr