Pammy Riggs

Pammy Riggs, entrepreneur, Organic Businessperson of the Year 2004 and always on the lookout for ways to improve the lot of food and its very related farming. Organic farming since 1997 but before that doing my best, with great help from my husband, business partner, father of my children, always with the wider environment in mind. My 7th generation mindset only allows activities that will enhance the future world. (I cannot know whether I may have to return! Hence feeling the responsibility). My most recent venture is into the dairy world and the desire to make things better for the cows. I was part of the movement that encouraged the public outcry for free range and organic chicken and eggs, and then produced them too. It is not perfect but we made a huge difference. Now dairy with its enormous entrainment of acres is in my sights. And getting the public on board to create the demand for change in the shops will create a rattle down the lines to encourage farmland change. Not cheap food but affordable food is the rallying cry, putting back the responsibility of the citizen on buying what is good for the next generation too. For too long a me! me! me! throwaway attitude has reigned through food, packaging and onwards. We have proof of the damage done, and now working out how to row backwards towards middle ground is the challenge. That's what I am working on.

Special subjects

Positive Health Management Systems (PHMS) within farming, leading to higher quality Real Food available to everyone. Creating dynamic and doable methods of changing systems to embrace high health and welfare status. Proven on farm with 20+ years of high health, antibiotic-free commercial organic poultry production. Developing ‘Cowconomics’ along similar lines for dairy production. Next, bringing awareness through words, of the perilous state of farming today, our human resource being challenged with more than one farmer suicide per week, that is just wrong.

Languages spoken

French un peu Dutch een beetje

Regular work

Promoting latest book Space for Farming Non executive director of Whole Health Agriculture Content editor and blogger for the above’s monthly online magazine. Freelance writer and author of Wiley published Keeping Chickens, Storing and Preserving Garden Vegetables. Systems development, Cowconomics Own Providence Farm, direct sales of honey, free range chicken and eggs, pasture fed beef etc. Off farm, relief milker

Advisory boards / Awards

Regular winner at Organic Food Awards and local food awards etc. 1999 to 2005. Produce wins for pork, chicken, duck, guinea fowl. Highly commended Producer of the Year, beef. Organic Businessperson of the Year 2004 Stopped applying after that as capacity for farm sales was fulfilled. TV appearances. Escape to the Country, poultry advisor Rick Stein Food Hero River Cottage, Hugh’s poultry ‘guru’ plus co-ran regular River Cottage courses and talks etc. Created and ran on farm courses for Devon Association of Smallholders. Transition Tavistock, instigator of Potato Plot, taking the public on farm to grow their own spuds. Guest lecturer at Emerson College Agriculture College. Guest lecturer at School of Artisan Foods. Primary school talks What on Earth are you Eating? Awareness raising for children. Chair of Tavistock Farmers Market, also attended with organic produce for 20 years. Advanced Food Hygiene Cert 2002

Commercial interests

Open to ethical suggestions.