Ecology Briefing: December 2021

Ecology Briefing

Food and farming were not as high up on the COP26 agenda as they could/should have been but for a pretty in-depth analysis I recommend GFW member Louise Gray’s Wicked Leeks updates and this summary from Carbon Brief.

Organic certification is pretty binary. Regenerative farming is far from so. But the Sustainable Food Trust is working with 60 organisations to launch the new Global Farm Metric – a framework for measuring key sustainability indicators on all farms. Read more here.

Pics of far-flung polar bears on melting icebergs are still being used by the media to illustrate the climate crisis BUT there’s a much more effective, relevant and impactful way to communicate climate stories visually. Climate Visuals is a useful new database of 100 striking photos from around the world that includes food producers, from fishers to beekeepers.