Five minutes with… Freda Muyambo

When did you join the Guild?

Nearly six years ago. I can’t even remember how I came to know about it but I felt being a part of the GFW would help to nurture my love of food writing, and it truly has. I get so much inspiration and knowledge from like-minded people. 

Tell us about your recent move to Kenya?

We are so accustomed to change in my family. Since joining the GFW I have moved twice. First, we left London for Lagos five years ago. And only a few weeks ago we left Nigeria for Kenya, where Nairobi will be our new home. For me, moving to different countries in Africa only enriches the work I do with food writing, where my focus is largely on African food. In terms of ingredients, I have come across an intriguing fruit called tree tomatoes in Nairobi. It tastes a little bit like passion fruit.

What writing projects do you have in the hopper?

I recently got my hands on recipe cards from my mother. I think focusing on the simple task of giving these cards new life in a book would be wonderful. Outside of this, I am excited to share a new book coming out, Black Food. I did not actually write about food in this one, but I contributed an essay on culture.