Golden Moments

‘GFW members visited awards sponsors Farrington’s Oils in Northamptonshire on Monday 12 July. Hosted by company founder Duncan Farrington, members enjoyed a tour of the farm and factory, where the rape seed is grown and their Mellow Yellow oil is produced. 

‘Farrington was the first UK producer to produce a high-grade rape seed oil on the market in 2005, and the company has recently been certified as carbon and plastic neutral as they continue to evolve.

‘As a fourth generation family farmer, Farrington grows oil seed rape in rotation with wheat, spring barley and horse beans on his farm, in fields surrounded by wildflower meadow borders to encourage a bio diverse environment which promotes pollination and aphid control. The crops are rotated each year and the farm employs a minimum or zero tillage management system which significantly promotes carbon sequestration. 

‘The seeds are delicately crushed on site, albeit mechanically, to extract the yellow oil within the seed. The resulting oil is delicious and very versatile

‘Guild members also enjoyed an excellent lunch at The White Horse at Tilbrook and an ice cream tasting from Ganders Goat.

‘Thank you for Farrington’s Oil for hosting us and their sponsorship of the Awards.’

For more information, visit; on Twitter: @rapeseedoilfans; on Facebook:; on Instagram: MellowYellowKitchen.