Interested in crowd farming?

Elaine Boddy writes: ‘Early last year I saw a post on Instagram talking about “crowd farming”. Having heard of crowd “funding” I was curious about what the farming version was.

‘This is the first thing you’ll see on the website to introduce the initiative:

‘“Buying food directly from farmers is the most powerful everyday act available to anyone to create a positive social and environmental impact.”

‘Crowd farming enables you to support farmers by “adopting” a field or part of an orchard or something similar for a year, to be able to support the farmers, in return for a shipment of some of their produce. Being a sourdough baker, my interest went direct to flour, so I promptly supported two flour producers, and also a quinoa grower. Friends of mine have supported olive oil producers, walnut growers, orange growers, almond growers, and all of us have been very impressed with the produce that we’ve received. It’s all been excellent quality.

‘One of the reasons for writing about this for the newsletter is to raise awareness in the scheme in case anyone is interested, but also to discuss the fact that the farmers in the initiative are all in mainland Europe. It would be great if there was a similar set up in the UK, I know I’d definitely support it. So my question is, does anyone have links to make this possible?’