Talking Point: Orlando Murrin: August 2021

Each month we invite a Guild member to sound off about a subject they feel strongly about. This month our President Orlando Murrin has a suggestion for fellow recipe writers

‘I have a new cookbook out next month, of recipes for two. It’s such a simple idea, you wonder why it’s rarely been tackled before. In all honesty, I think food writers are missing a trick.

‘My book was born out of frustration. If you are a two-person household – and most British households are, and have been for decades – you will know how annoying it is every time you open the fridge to find it full of leftovers. It’s tedious and wasteful.

‘Obviously, you don’t have to be Einstein to scale down recipes for four or six. But what a pain – plus you invariably end up with all half-finished packets.

‘I know why recipe writers do it: larger quantities allow you to throw in more flavours and ingredients, and thus dial up interest/excitement/originality. Cooking for two requires more ingenuity and – dare I say it – finesse.

‘Next time you’re writing a recipe feature, spare a thought for all those two-person households out there, looking for something interesting to make on Saturday night. They will thank you for it.’