The great Yorkshire pudding scandal

Our president Orlando Murrin claims to have broken the internet – or at least have been blocked by Facebook for overactivity – twice during the last month.

‘One Saturday I posted on Facebook about the importance of choosing mixed-weight eggs. I have got something of a bee in my bonnet about this, since February’s life-changing egg workshop with Guild member Liz Wright and Jane Howorth of the British Hen Welfare Trust. I chose as my platform BBC Good Food Together, which has over 85k members. My post went viral and I spent the rest of the weekend fending off outraged hen keepers who told me you can’t force a hen to lay large eggs. (You can. Many farmers do.)

‘A week later, for my sins, I posted about my discovery that 90% of the time you don’t need to preheat your oven. This time it was irate Yorkshire pudding fans, insisting that fat and oven must be scorching hot. At the suggestion of fellow Guild member Elaine Boddy – ever calm and practical – I got up early on Sunday and made a video of myself baking a Yorkshire from cold, which rose and puffed to golden glory. I half-expect someone to accuse me of faking it, like the moon landings.’