5 Minutes with...Elainea Emmott

I hoped to become a better writer by joining the Guild encouraging others to write about food and being in such good company is rather awesome. I joined in October 2021 prompted by my mentor and encouraged by Karen Barnes. I’d felt rather intimidated by title of ‘writer’ but found my voice talking about memories of home and my heritage as well my journey from home cook to chef.
I started as an official photographer for Women’s March London teaching myself with a film camera and a notebook. 

I was photographing protests on Saturdays and food on Sundays after a trip to the farmers markets – I love a food still life and a good feed afterwards.  I think writing gives me the most joy as words conjure up images and smells taking you to places or urging you to travel and explore. But I am in love with cooking and the art of photography that can move you visually.  I love putting all of these together to show something else, a feeling or mood.

 I am particularly proud of the online cookbook I did with my son last December.  It turned a no-cookbook deal into an online magazine which we both worked on together on every aspect.  It was a huge undertaking on top of a full-time job but we wanted to talk about mental health, autism and how important the process of cooking and much talking whilst cooking has helped us and our relationship.