Chefs Sans Frontieres

Alan Coxon, President of Chefs Sans Frontieres, has launched a new charity called ‘Chefs Sans Frontieres’ also known as CSF.

CSF has been created for the purpose of raising funds for small artisanal food producers and farmers who have lost livelihoods and business through natural disasters.

Alan says that the aim is to support, rebuild lives, and businesses of local, regional food and drink producers, retaining cultures, skills and traditions that contribute to regional gastronomy around the world and add a beating heart to many countries and their culinary cultural heritage.

The funds raised will go towards purchasing vital equipment, products, produce and livestock such as new flocks of sheep and goats for farmers, new beehives, bees and wild flower seeds for local honey producers, new pistachio trees and olive groves for olive oil producers, and small fishing boats to name but a few of those who have suffered loss and decimation


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