Paolo Arrigo

Franchi 1783 Seeds of Italy have launched their new catalogue for 2022 and as Paolo Arrigo explains this is ‘very much from seed to plate with Franchi; endangered, heritage, regional and ethical seed varieties from the original Neapolitan San Marzano tomato now endangered and the oldest pumpkin in Europe called Marina di Chioggia from the Veneto region, to the Kelvedon pea, Padron pepper from Galicia and more….

The Franchi brand is the only seed brand in the UK Slow Food UK approved or vegan approved.

‘Then we have the ingredients section, hand picked with a selection of branded Italian goods to artisan products like our Calabrian jams made with 82% fruit, truffles, balsamics and the like. Plus Tuscan soaps and niche fragrances from Tuscany which is by the by! Enjoy the catalogue.’

Franchi 1783 Seeds of Italy 2022 Mail Order Catalogue by PAOLO ARRIGO – Issuu