The Guild of Food Writers announces 2023 Finalists

The Guild of Food Writers has announced the shortlist for its prestigious annual awards in food writing and broadcasting. The awards ceremony takes place on Wednesday, 6th September at the Royal Institution’s world-famous theatre.


In celebrating the achievements of 2022, the Guild recognises emerging talent as well as some of the best-known food writers and broadcasters in the country. The 16 categories range from books and podcasts through to recipe and restaurant writing and the judging panels comprise a diversity of Guild members.


The shortlists shine a spotlight on some of the UK’s best-known writers and chefs. Included are Mark Hix for work published in the The Telegraph; Jimi Famurewa and Grace Dent for restaurant writing; and Jeremy Lee for his debut cookbook, Cooking: Simply and Well, for One or Many. Susannah Cohen, Susannah Moody and Claire Ruston are all shortlisted in the Guild’s first Newcomer award.



The Guild of Food Writers is very grateful to this year’s Awards sponsors:


Caulishoots® Restaurant Writing; Cornish Sea Salt Newcomers; Gold Top Recipe Writing; J Pao International and Regional; Lakeland Food Magazine or Section Award; Cipriani Drinks Writing; Trewithen Dairy Food Podcast or Broadcast Award; Tebay/Gloucester Westmorland Family Food Book Award; Sea Sisters First Book Award; and Sacla' Online Food Writing.


The finalists in each category are:


First Book

  • A Dark History of Sugar by Neil Buttery
  • Chocolate Cake for Imaginary Lives by Genevieve Jenner
  • Cooking: Simply and Well, for One or Many by Jeremy Lee


Food Book

  • Red Sauce Brown Sauce: a Breakfast Odyssey by Felicity Cloake
  • Regenesis: Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet by George Monbiot
  • English Food: A People's History by Diane Purkiss


Food Podcast or Broadcast

  • The Full English by Lewis Bassett/Forest DLG
  • Blasstal by Lucy Dearlove and Katie Callin
  • The Food Programme,  Beans Part 1: Are Legumes the Answer. Presented by Sheila Dillon produced by Natalie Donovan


Food Magazine or Section

  • Cheese, the Magazine of Culture:  Editors, Anna Sulan Masing, Apoorva Sripathi, Holly Catford
  • Pit Magazine:  Editor, Helen Graves
  • Feast I The Guardian:  Editor, Tim Lusher


Food Writing

  • Shahnaz Ahsan for work published in Waitrose Magazine, Observer Food Monthly &
  • Sue Quinn for work published in The Sunday Times, Pit Magazine & Slightly Foxed
  • Bee Wilson for work published in The Guardian & The London Review of Books


General Cookbook

  • Borough Market: The Knowledge by Angela Clutton
  • A Good Day to Bake by Benjamina Ebuehi
  • Cooking: Simply and Well, for One or Many by Jeremy Lee


International or Regional Cookbook

  • Cinnamon and Salt by Emiko Davies
  • The Nutmeg Trail by Eleanor Ford
  • Taste Tibet by Julie Kleeman and Yeshi Jampa


Investigative Food Work

  • The Great Plant-Based Con by Jayne Buxton
  • Big Meat, Fat Subsidies, Thin Taxes by Margot Gibbs, Lionel Faull, Henk Willem Smits, Arthur Beesley, Tom Levitt, Ludo Hekman, Ties Jooste for
  • Bee Wilson for work published in The Guardian, The London Review of Books


Online Food Writer

  • More than Curry by Mallika Basu
  • 1Dish4TheRoad by Aaron Vallance
  • Bald Flavours by Sam Wilson


Recipe Writing

  • Mark Hix for work published in the Telegraph Magazine
  • Olivia Potts for work published in Spectator Magazine
  • Felicity Cloake for work published in Feast I The Guardian


Restaurant Writing

  • Grace Dent
  • Jimi Famurewa
  • Anna Sulan Masing 


Specialist or Single Subject Cookbook

  • Live Fire by Helen Graves
  • Outside by Gill Meller
  • Tomato by Clare Thomson


Drinks Writing

  • Mark Dredge for articles published on and in Ferment
  • Laura Hadland for work published in Pellicle and Beer 
  • Gabriel Stone for work published in The Field and The Drinks Business


Drinks Book

  • Cider Planet by Claude Jolicoeur
  • Holy Waters by Tom Morton
  • The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails: Editors David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum


Self Publishing

  • Fifty Years - Kinloch Lodge  by Alisha Fernandez Miranda, Jordan Webb and Claire Macdonald
  • Great British Chefs: Kitchen Twists
  • For the Love of the Land II: A Cook Book to Celebrate the British Farming Community and their Food by Jenny Jefferies



  • Susannah Cohen
  • Susannah Moody
  • Claire Ruston


The Guild of Food Writers’ Awards will be presented on Wednesday 6th September at the Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BS. 


You can find out more about the awards here


For more information, please contact Amber Wheatley at Roche Communications on 020 7436 1111 or


The Guild of Food Writers is the UK’s association for professional food writers and broadcasters. Established in 1984, it acts as a network and showcase for nearly 600 authors, broadcasters, columnists and journalists, including many household names.



Patron: Delia Smith CH CBE.

President: Orlando Murrin | Vice-president: Felicity Cloake |

Chair: Samuel Goldsmith | Vice-chair: Julie Friend | Secretary: Ruth Watson.

The full list of committee roles and contacts can be found here.





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We are a family business which grew out of our hill farm in Cumbria in 1972.  Today we run motorway services, but everything we do reflects our beginnings on the farm. ​


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Truly Madly Deeply Italian

Sacla’ started life in 1939 when Secondo and Piera Ercole set up a small family business preparing and preserving the bounty of fruit and vegetables grown around Asti in Italy’s north-west region of Piedmont. Three generations later, and still family run, we have evolved into one of the most passionate and progressive pioneers of Italian food. In 1990, we introduced Pesto to the British shopper and a love affair with all things Italian began…


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The Cipriani family are world renowned for their legendary hospitality, exquisite pasta and their famous original Bellini Cocktail, invented in 1948 in Harry's Bar, Venice, by mixing Prosecco with fresh white peach purée. At that time, Giuseppe Cipriani wanted to celebrate peace and freedom and so he made a special cocktail that embodied the energetic joy of the moment, naming his creation after the famous Italian Renaissance painter, Giovanni Bellini. Since then, the Bellini has become a part of Venetian legend, a real classic, and an eternal symbol of freedom, art and refined revelry.


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