Five Minutes With......

When/why did you join the Guild, and how do you find it useful? 
I joined the Guild at the suggestion of my literary agent, Heather Holden-Brown. I've really enjoyed feeling part of a working community - as many of us know, it can be isolating working alone as a freelancer, especially as I am based in Devon and unable to attend most of the events I am invited to. 
How do you feel the food writing world is changing? Any trends you're aware of?

As someone who embarked on their food writing journey through social media, I've observed the profound impact of technology on the industry. One significant shift I've noticed is the democratisation of food content creation, which has empowered diverse voices to emerge and be heard. Publishers now pay attention to content creators with strongly engaged audiences who can skilfully promote their own books across various channels. 
What projects are you working on at present? 
I am currently recipe testing for my 5th cookbook, and my husband is concurrently building us a new kitchen, so as soon as the manuscript is submitted we can concentrate on building my YouTube channel. My husband is a professional filmmaker so we often work together to create video content.
Your long term ambitions? 
My next aim is to build a strong following on YouTube, but honestly I enjoy the lack of planning in my career path- every year takes me to something new and I thrive on embracing new technology and platforms.

 What would be your advice to a fledgling food writer? 
Don't overthink it, you can start writing and publishing your own content on a website or social media platform (Flipboard is great for this), and this can lead to bigger things, but in the meantime gives you a chance to find your voice.
What's the most delicious thing you ate recently?
 My Dad brought us some crab meat fresh from Brixham harbour recently, and we had a sandwich of thickly cut fresh white bread, generously buttered, with fresh-as-it-comes crab (brown and white meat), a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon. Simple and divine!