The Guild Announces New Presence on Substack

We are delighted to introduce the Guild’s new presence on Substack. Our aim is to champion the innovation and creativity of Guild members who are writing on Substack and create a space for them to connect.

From our home on Substack we will be promoting the work of Guild members who publish on Substack by subscribing to their newsletters, restacking their posts on Notes, recommending their publications. We will also create a space for members to connect and share advice by starting an open thread in the Chat function for questions, tips and advice and to share work and sharing wider Substack content about writing that we think would be useful to members.

If you are a Guild member and would like to join us on Substack please do by subscribing to the GFW Substack. If you are a guild member with a Substack please subscribe to thegfw newsletter then message us at so Kathy Slack (who is managing the project) can subscribe to your newsletter, recommend it, and restack future posts.

Everyone is welcome to join us in Chat where the message board is open for you to ask questions and reply to others. (Please note the technology doesn’t yet allow member-only chat without a subscription fee so this facility is currently open to both members and non-members.)