Thomas DuBois

I am a professional historian of modern China, and for the past few years have been writing on the topic of food. My "whole chain" approach to China's food includes and integrates food policy, agriculture, companies and investment, consumption, heritage, and cuisine. With decades of experience in China, I have a unique vantage on the country's rapid food transformation, and have personally worked with people across numerous production chains: cattle markets in Inner Mongolia, food innovation conventions in Shanghai, and organic produce farms near my home in Beijing, to name just a few. Over the past year, I have developed my interest in the catering industry by attending culinary school and working in a number of restaurant kitchens. In addition to research and writing, I also teach classes on food studies at Beijing Normal University, and lecture to international audiences on topics ranging from food investment to organic cheese making.

Special subjects

China, food trends, food production, culinary history

Languages spoken

Chinese (near native), Japanese (good), English (native)

Regular work

My regular work is as a professor at Beijing Normal University, one of China's premier institutions. At BNU, I teach classes in food studies (among other topics) and interact with China's large community of scholars of culinary history and heritage, agricultural economics, and food trade and investment.

Advisory boards / Awards

I am involved with a number of food heritage and food studies initiatives in China.

Commercial interests

I am not financially invested in any of the areas that I write on.