Marie Lester

I will drive miles to find a special aged basmati rice from the foothills of the Himalayas or forage for hours to find damsons to make a delicious damson jelly! I am a ‘foodie’ through and through. I specialise in bread baking. In 2019 I contributed recipes to the book ‘Vintage Breadboards’ published by Prospect Books. These range from the eclectic cottage loaf to a cubed fondue bread which I had seen in the mountains near Zurich. I develop recipes and step-by-step guides on how to make sourdough. An example of my work is a spelt sourdough commissioned by Roger Saul for Sharpham Park with accompanying ‘how to’ films: Spelt can be a surprise to the baker working with it for the first time as it is very extensible. My recipe took spelt’s unique characteristics into account. I have a fledgling website with recipes: and am writing a book on baking with the seasons. Living in the Cotswold countryside, I am enjoying this very much. I also teach people how to make bread both virtually and face-to-face. Examples of my work can be seen on my growing Instagram account: @marierlester And one of my loaves has even featured on ‘Escape to the Country’ (Somerset edition). How’s that for a claim to fame!

Special subjects

Sourdough starters Sourdough bread Enriched breads Website:

Languages spoken

French German Classical Greek

Regular work

I am a bread recipe developer, baking tutor and mentor (references on request).

Advisory boards / Awards

UCL Dean’s Award

Commercial interests

I create recipes and step-by-step guides (both print and digital) for people who wish to make bread. Recent examples include a spelt sourdough recipe for Sharpham Park and a contemporary version of a white tin loaf for Netherton Foundry (their copper loaf tin which I now sell on my website).

Marie Lester