I have been a professional food writer, restaurant critic, travel journalist and impartial food/lifestyle blogger for 12 years. I am from Baker St, London, but have been living in Tokyo for three years since 2016, Stuttgart, and now have been residing in Malta since 2018, where I have my very successful food guide (www.whatscookingmalta.com). I also freelance/d for offline and online publications., I have a a three-page column in a print food magazine. Having made a name for myself on a tiny island. I had an award winning blog (now dormant for obvious reasons) in London called The London Sinner. Whilst in Japan, I freelanced for all the English-speaking publications including Time Out Tokyo, Japan Today and more.

Special subjects

Restaurants Food Critic (impartial) Hotel Reviews Discovering new openings and hidden gems Itinerary building

Languages spoken

English French - fluently understand and read.

Regular work

Travel Designer Food Blogger Professional Restaurant Critic (not Instagram influencer)

Commercial interests

Luxury Travel Restaurant Consultancy