Colleen Higgins

I have translated four cookbooks and a book on body fat (from Dutch to English), and edited a cookbook (in English) by a Dutch Surinamese chef. Food has always been my doorway into other cultures, and I am particularly interested in baking and all facets of chocolate. I trained as a baker at Dunwoody Institute (Baking and Baking Technology) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) (Baking and Pastry Arts) in Hyde Park, New York, where I received the Outstanding Baking Achievements Award. Among my non-culinary skills, I regularly do the Zoom tech (managing the tech side of the meeting) for the Oxford Food Symposium’s Kitchen Lab begun and hosted by Birgitte Kampmann (Elisabeth Luard has kindly offered to vouch for this). My LinkedIn page:

Special subjects

Particular favorites of mine are baking (both breads and pastries) and all facets of chocolate. For my translation and editing work, I consider everything except for books focused exclusively on meat.

Languages spoken

I speak English and Dutch fluently, and try to make myself understood in German.

Regular work

Translation (Dutch to English) and copy-editing of cookbooks and other food-related texts. I also do proofreading.

Advisory boards / Awards

Outstanding Baking Achievements Award (Baking and Pastry Arts Program, Culinary Institute of America (CIA))

Commercial interests

I have been working as a language professional since 1998, and freelance since 2004.

Colleen Higgins